Ultimate thermal protection spray


The ultimate protection against HEAT!

Use this spray before you apply any heat onto your hair using hot hair straighteners / curling tongs or hair dryers.

This can also be used if you are in the sun.

Protection is key Always!



Elise signature collection
After care products

After care and Maintenance is essential when having your hair coloured at our luxury salon .

Elise herself helped to choose all the important ingredients to maintain your luxury hair colour and the condition of your hair inbetween visits to the salon.
Making this exclusive range of LUXURY after care products for her customers
“ AKA Elises Queens “
was very exciting & interesting !
Elise loved been able to get involved with which amazing natural ingredients went into each product to maintain her hair masterpieces.
Elise is extremely passionate about healthy hair !
And wanted to give her Queens that extra luxury to maintain that beautiful hair crown👸
Our luxurious product range is enriched & infused with organic ingredients & protein
•Moroccan Argan oil ,
•coconut milk ,
•aloe Vera
•natural vitamins A ,D and E .
Proudly all products are vegan 🌱
and are not animal tested .
Elise will recommend to you which aftercare set is needed whilst at your luxury hair appointment